Who qualifies for academic pricing and what is the difference between the regular and academic versions?

Ordering Questions
Who Qualifies?
For most products, you will need to be able to prove that you are a student, teacher or church musician.  Note that you do not need to teach or study music to qualify.  
Certain products may have more specific requirements or limitations.  For example, Avid's Sibelius, Pro Tools and Media Composer are subject to Avid's rules that do not permit church musicians or private music teachers to purchase at the academic price.  Please review Avid's rules for all of the requirements.  Cakewalk also has their own requirements, which can be found here.

How Do I Send Proof of Academic Status?
After placing your order on-line or by phone we will ask you to fax (1-800-868-7009) or reply to your confirmation e-mail with your proof of academic status to allow us to validate your order. Please include your order number in your fax or e-mail. You may send us a copy of your teacher or student ID, pay stub, statement of fees, or a letter on institutional letterhead indicating your status as a teacher, student or church musician.  We will not charge your credit card or deliver your order until after we have received and approved your proof of academic status.

What Is Academic Pricing?
Unless stated otherwise, the only difference is the price and the fact that you have to qualify for the academic version. It is the exact same product with a lower price without any limitations.

A "Single User Academic" or "Academic" product is the same as the regular product, but has a special price for educational/church users and requires proof of your eligibility.

In the case of an "Educator", "Lab Pack" or "Site License" these are usually only available to teachers or schools and often include additional marterials or extra licenses for installation on multiple computers in a school.

Some products may only have Lab Pack or Network academic prices.  This means that the manufacturer does not offer a discount for academic users that only need to purchase a single license.  Please purchase the software at the regular price if you do not need multiple licenses to install in a computer lab at your school.

What Happens If I Don't Qualify:
We do not charge your credit card until we ship your order.  Here is the process for academic products (please note the exception for Avid products below):
  1. Place your order and receive an order number
  2. We send an e-mail requesting that you e-mail/fax proof of academic status with your order number
  3. We approve your proof of academic status
  4. We charge your credit card and deliver your order
Avid Products:
Please note that for some Avid products we will not require proof of status.  For many Avid products you will be responsible for providing proof to Avid upon receipt of the product.  Please carefully read Avid's academic eligibility requirements.  If you do not qualify for the academic price, you should not purchase Avid products as you might not be able to return it to us if they do not approve your academic status.  If we are able to make an exception and allow you to return a product that you are not eligible for, there will be a restocking fee to help offset the costs associated with process your initial order and your return.

Musition & Auralia:
The Student Version only tracks the progress of three students, but is otherwise identical to the full version.  Anyone can purchase the Student Version.

Music Ace:
The Educator Version tracks the progress of 240 students and includes a helpful teacher guide.  Anyone can purchase the Educator Version.

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